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Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training 

Breaking the cycle of silence and stigma by empowering people with Indigenous cultural awareness trainings held in safe spaces.


You‚Äôre a business owner hearing increasingly frequent mentions of ‚Äúunceded territory‚ÄĚ, ‚Äútruth and reconciliation‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúindigenization and decolonization of your content‚ÄĚ, and ‚Äúsupplier diversity."


You see other companies adopting Indigenous Policies. Perhaps you've heard  corporate Canada is now responsible for Call to Action #92.


Clients and customers are expecting you to incorporate this into your operations and it all seems very complex, daunting, and socially sensitive.


Until recently, our educational systems and leadership have not been forthright with true Indigenous histories and there has been a lot of information released in a very short amount of time.


We’re here to help you understand all this in a factual, professional, and safe way.


Silence Breeds Stigma - let's break that cycle together.


Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations with information that will enable you to meet modern expectations of Indigenous awareness. 
We help you unlearn the engrained stigma entrenched into our culture that surrounds Indigenous Peoples and instead gain empowerment through Indigenous cultural awareness training.
Common questions receive truthful and socially acceptable answers in a safe learning environment through professional empowerment sessions.
FAQ such as:
  • How can I confidently know when to appropriately use the terms Indian, Aboriginal, First Nation, Native, Inuit, M√©tis, or Indigenous, especially in social or corporate settings?
  • What is UNDRIP?
  • What is MMIWG2S?
  • What¬†is the Indian Act?
  • What¬†does it mean to be two-spirited (2S)?
  • What is Truth and Reconciliation?
  • What is economic reconciliation?
  • What is systemic racism and how does it affect Indigenous Peoples?
  • What is¬†intergenerational trauma?
  • What does ‚Äúunceded territory‚ÄĚ actually mean?
  • Where can I become involved in local Indigenous causes and events?
We answer all of these questions and more in our online trainings and live virtual sessions.

What our participants have to say... 

"Extremely informative while also being powerfully personal. Highly recommend."

Ben M

"I really enjoyed the session even though it was tough to hear - education is key."

Megan O

"It was very informative, and I appreciated the host sharing his personal family story."

REACH Canada Participant

"Great content, learned a lot of new terms, correct terms to use, history of the residential schools in Canada, work being done now. LOVED this event! Very informative and eye opening, even though some of which was hard to hear."

REACH Canada Participant

Over 200,000 people have completed our Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training 

OCI Services include online self-paced training suited for individuals and teams, live corporate training facilitated in a safe learning environment, and custom Indigenous Consultation Services.

Online Courses

Self-paced Indigenous cultural awareness trainings with certificates of completion for individuals and corporate subscribers.

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Live Virtual Sessions

Indigenous cultural awareness trainings led live by a certified Cultural Awareness Trainer with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

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OCI Mission

We provide individuals with confidence to participate in important conversations of today by preparing them with Indigenous cultural awareness training. 

Our goal is to empower people to take an active, educated part in these integral and evolving cultural discussions. 

You can access the necessary awareness and skills to do so through virtual corporate training sessions facilitated in a safe virtual learning environment or via online self-paced trainings suited for individuals and teams.

Our Courses

Our Facilitator, Bryan Hansen, is a certified Cultural Awareness Trainer with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. OCI specializes in both online and in-person training to facilitate the appropriate education for individuals and teams.

Courses may be used as new employee onboarding. Please inquire about discount options if you are a large organization who want self-paced courses. 

All attendees receive a certificate of completion for every course they complete.


Canadian Fundamentals

Online Course - 1 Hour

This online course covers explicitly Canadian content including, correct terminology and a better understanding of fundamental issues (systemic racism and intergenerational trauma).

Ideal for individuals or teams.


North American Fundamentals

Online Course - 2 Hours

 This online course content includes US and Canadian content for a holistic overview of the situation of Indigenous Peoples in both countries, outlining similarities and differences.

Ideal for individuals or teams.


Our Facilitator

Bryan Hansen is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia where he has spent the last decade writing Indigenous Policy and specializing in regulatory permitting and compliance.

Bryan is a certified Cultural Awareness Trainer with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, and together with a background in Surface Rights Law and an MBA, he brings a personal touch to Indigenous Allyship engagements as someone who has been directly affected by intergenerational trauma caused by white assimilation.

Organization Culture Initiatives is a Certified Aboriginal Business with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

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